Shriram Capital Limited
Data Mining customer bases
Financial Product Distribution
Shriram Group’s multifarious Financial Services businesses and its successful track record of setting up individual business entities in every possible area of this space has resulted in owning a 9.5 million strong customer base across these business entities.

Data Mining these customer bases and offering various products of the group to each of these individual entities’ customers is a huge opportunity for the group. In order to exploit this opportunity and benefit from the needs of the large customer base of the group, a distribution company was set up – Shriram Fortune Solutions Ltd. – primarily for selling investment and insurance products to the group customers.

This business has the unenviable task of being a multiproduct provider to the group’s customers thereby needing to set up a strong training ground for its field force as well as continuously work in other group companies to design blue print and implement strategies that will result in unprecedented cross-sell revenue for the group.

This business has started with a distribution of Debentures / Fixed Deposits and Life Insurance products and is gradually equipping itself to also distribute non-life and other investment products in the group.

Being a captive distribution company, this business has a huge opportunity to leverage group’s customer base and product capabilities and create immense value to shareholders and investors in the medium term.

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Board of Directors

Mr. DV Ravi

Ravi is the Managing Director of Shriram Capital Limited which is the holding company...


Dr. Akhila Srinivasan

Dr. Akhila Srinivasan, holding Ph.D. in Economics, is Non Executive Director, Shriram Capital Ltd...


Mr. N. Lakshminarayanan

Mr. Lakshminarayanan is a technology industry professional, with over 30 years of experience ...


Mr. Puneet Bhatia

Puneet Bhatia is the TPG Nominee of Shriram Capital Ltd...


Mr. Rajesh Laddha

Mr. Rajesh Laddha is the Non Executive Director, Shriram Capital Limited...


Mr. Jasmit Singh Gujral

Mr. Jasmit Singh Gujral is the Non Executive Director, Shriram Capital Limited...


Mr. T.K. Gowrishankar

Mr. T K Gowrishankar is a Graduate in Commerce and is a qualified Chartered Accountant...


Mr. Ian Maxwell Kirk

Mr. Ian Kirk is a Chartered Accountant (CA) in 1984, and also obtained qualifications in Business..


Mr. Umesh Revankar

Mr. Umesh Revankar holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management...


Mr. Prasheem Seebran

Mr. Prasheem Seebran is a member of the SEM Executive Committee...