Shriram Capital Limited
Streamlined processes and transparency
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance in Shriram, as in any other well-governed corporate has 3 distinct elements. A well-orchestrated board process, a transparent framework of decision-making and adequate protection of the minority investors.

Shriram’s exceptional track record in investor satisfaction, board constitution and empowered decision-marking across its entities bear ample testimony to its governing process. With significant ownership in the hands of the key group of employees, the group has adopted a top-down approach to its corporate governance.

Be it the quality of independent directives in all the operating companies or the board sub-committees and the oversight they provide to the key functions of Risk Management, Internal Audit and Compliance or even the clear ‘arm’s length approach’ approach in inter-company dealings within the group, Shriram has demonstrated sound Corporate Governance in letter and spirit.