• Articles in the purview of Financial Journalism that have appeared in the print (Newspapers and Magazines) or online media between 1st January 2017 - 31st December 2017 will qualify for the 6th Shriram Awards for Excellence in Financial Journalism. Video coverage and blog entries will not be accepted.
  • Single Articles or Body of Work can be submitted.
  • Past winners cannot apply for the Awards in the current year: Any Journalist/editor who has won a Shriram Award in the past 3 years cannot apply in the current year. However, he/she is eligible to apply after the 3rd year (i.e : 4th year onwards). Runner Ups are eligible to apply.
  • Nominations are invited starting from now to 31st January 2018.
  • No entry fees for submitting the nominations.
  • Editor Nomination and Self Nomination are allowed. Nominations can be submitted either by the Editor or Chief of Bureau in case of Editor Nomination. In case of Self Nomination by individual journalist the nomination can be submitted, accompanied with two refrences either from senior corporate executives or journalists or editors(may be from same or different publication).
  • An Editor can nominate his respective publication’s Journalists only.
  • Vernacular articles will not be accepted.
  • There is a cap on the number of nominations per Journalist. A Single journalist can self apply or can be nominated by Editor/ Chief Of Bureau only for 3 stories / body of work per year.
  • An Editor / Chief Of Bureau is required to fill a separate nomination form for every nomination submitted.
  • A separate form for Self Nomination to be submitted by the Journalist for every nomination.
  • An Editor / Bureau Chief / Journalist should justify the reason for nominating an article in the format of the nomination form.
  • The decision made by the Jury will be final.
  • An entry will be accepted only when all the supporting documents are submitted.
  • No exceptions will be made.
  • Multiple Bylines: If an article is written by more than one person, all the journalists contributing should be nominated. However, an Editor can nominate only one journalist for such story depending upon individual contribution. In this case, journalist will not be permitted to self-nominate. Entries will be accepted Pan India.
  • Entries from non-official email ID’s will not be accepted.
  • Postal entries will also be accepted.

  • Note: A copy of the published Article needs to be sent along with the Nomination form.

    Nomination Forms

    Entries & Nominations form can be made by downloading the nomination form below. The form should be filled in and sent, along with a copy of the article, to the email ID: from the Official email ID of the Editor making the nomination.
    For any information/clarification, please write to

    Download Nomination form